Poo cake


Now that I had pie chart cookies, I needed to make a representation of the fecal sample.  I briefly considered making a realistic poo log, but quickly decided against it.  After all, I wanted people to actually eat the cake.  I spent enough time thinking about making a bloody poo cake to fully plan it out (chocolate-frosted red velvet cake with a cherry-based filling, so that when cut open red chunks would ooze out) but ultimately decided against that as well.  The Human Microbiome Project only reported on healthy humans.  Finally, I decided on a stylized poo made from chocolate fudge cake and a chocolate and Nutella frosting.

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Gut enterotype cookies


Last week our fabulous undergrad, O, turned 21!  After seeing a photo of a poo cake a friend posted on his Facebook wall, I decided that what this young man really needed in life is a gut microbiome cake.  We talk about poo all the time in lab and we’re fascinated by microbiomes, so this seemed like a fabulous project to take on this weekend instead of writing my graduate proposal.  This was especially well-timed given the recent publications by the Human Microbiome Project.  Today’s post will be about the cookies and the next post will show the cake (less exciting).

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Space is delicious.

The grave honor of writing our first food-based non-introductory post lies on my broad, ample, linebacker shoulders. These same shoulders recently bore a tremendous burden — that of making a cake to celebrate the four year anniversary of the launch … Continue reading


This blog is intended to chronicle the gastronomic adventures of a group on PhD students who noticed that our daily routine consisted of repeatedly attempting to expand the body of knowledge in our respective fields by empirical observations and subsequently exploring the complex relationship between mood and blood glucose levels. (Read: Our experiments don’t work and then we stress eat.)

Expect many posts about our food, some posts about our research, and a few posts about when we nerd out and make food that reflects our research.