Lu Rou Fan

I am currently in a hospital near my parents’ place due to a family medical emergency, so I have some time on my hands to polish a post that’s been languishing in the drafts bin for months.  Working on this has allowed me to while away an hour in the ICU doing something other than worry.  It’s been a lot more pleasant than how I spent some other hours (wringing my hands whilst feeling dreadfully helpless in the face of the health crisis of a loved one, inventing the maladies that brought the other patients in, playing “what’s that smell?”, judging the other visitors – I am really quite a terrible person when I’m upset . . . and also in general).


Lu rou fan translates to “braised pork over rice” but I prefer to think of it as “flavorful bowl of fatty joy”.  This isn’t very nerdy.  It’s just fabulously delicious.  Sorry to those wanting more science baking.  This has a little pickling in it, which is sort of related to biology.

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