Chocolate toffee cake

Sometimes I don’t feel like a grown-up with grown-up abilities. Everyone on all the food blogs out there (including pseudomona on this one) has such lovely photos of their cooking process. Their butter is creamy, their mixing bowls are shiny, and above all, their kitchens are CLEAN. When I bake, I usually end up with crumbs affixed to every surface (including my face) and foot-shaped smears of butter on the floor. How do these lovely people on the internet manage to be so clean and well-decorated? Was there a class in college that I slept through? Was it earlier on? Kindergarten? I bet it was kindergarten. There was that one week that I missed when I had the chicken pox, and surely that was the week that everyone learned to be tidy and take tidy pictures. Also I suck at taking pictures. Continue reading

Space is delicious.

The grave honor of writing our first food-based non-introductory post lies on my broad, ample, linebacker shoulders. These same shoulders recently bore a tremendous burden — that of making a cake to celebrate the four year anniversary of the launch … Continue reading