Pseudomonad cake


We had two high school interning with us this summer, A and B. In the month they were here these two young ladies screened ~3500 transposon mutants and identified several with the phenotype of interest. Needless to say, we’ve been very happy to have them with us and to thank them for their time, I made a cake. WOOO CAKE! Continue reading

Gut enterotype cookies


Last week our fabulous undergrad, O, turned 21!  After seeing a photo of a poo cake a friend posted on his Facebook wall, I decided that what this young man really needed in life is a gut microbiome cake.  We talk about poo all the time in lab and we’re fascinated by microbiomes, so this seemed like a fabulous project to take on this weekend instead of writing my graduate proposal.  This was especially well-timed given the recent publications by the Human Microbiome Project.  Today’s post will be about the cookies and the next post will show the cake (less exciting).

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